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Our Greatest Asset

Left to Right: Angela Williams, Lisa Houston, Latrice Harris-Zuber, Bob Speelman, Roberta "Bobbi" Williams, and Dikiesha "Kiesha" Singletary

January 17, 2020
NOTE: This was taken from the blog of Foundations Health Solutions leader Bob Speelman. Each week Bob works at one of our Foundations Health facilities in different roles. Whether working in housekeeping or as a nursing assistant, he sees firsthand how we embody the vision of our founder and nursing home developer, Brian Colleran, to be "A Culture of Care."

Have you ever had one of those days where you go into it with a plan and what you expect to get accomplished and nothing goes as expected? Still, things turned out better than you could have imagined? Well, that was my day at Beachwood Pointe, our 120-bed facility in Beachwood.

I went there for a couple of reasons. The first reason was to work with Bobbi Williams, an outstanding STNA who has been at Beachwood for five years, to also work with Dikiesha "Kiesha" Singletary, who is the lead STNA and also does restorative. The final reason I went there was to look at the capital improvements we needed to make at the building.  

Both Bobbi and Kiesha were absolutely amazing. Bobbi was orientating Angela, who just started at Beachwood Pointe. Angela is Bobbi's best friend and actually got Bobbi to become an STNA. The two of them love caring for others and have the heart of a caregiver. I immediately fell in love with both of them.  

I soon met Kiesha and went down to the first floor and worked with her. Kiesha is passionate about caring for her residents and does an amazing job with restorative care. While I was working with Kiesha, I saw Lisa Houston and gave her a big hug. Lisa has been an STNA for 35 years and has been at Beachwood forever. She has a mother's love for her residents and her fellow staff. As I was talking to Lisa and Kiesha, I saw Latrice. Latrice has been an STNA for a long time and is fantastic as well.  

As the day went by, I bounced between the three floors helping out where I was needed and seeing an amazing group of caregivers that were dedicated to our Culture of Care. I never got to look at the capital improvements that were needed - another team from our Corporate office took care of that. I spent my day with Bobbi, Kiesha, Lisa, Angela, and Latrice. The words of Brian Colleran, my mentor and the founder of our company, came to mind, "Our biggest asset as a company is our employees." He couldn't be more right.

Don't get me wrong, capital improvements are important but more important than that is investing in our people, our team, our caregivers. Spending time with them. Listening to them. They are our Culture of Care.

There is a destiny that mark us as brothers;

No one goes his way alone.

All that we send into the lives of others

Comes back into our own.
Edwin Markham

So, my day didn't go exactly as planned, but I couldn't have imagined it going any better than it did. I left Beachwood so proud to have Bobbi, Kiesha, Lisa, Latrice, and Angela on our team. Caring for our residents. Thank you all for sending love and care into the lives of our residents every day, it will come back into your own!

Bob Speelman, STNA

Each week, Bob Speelman visits a Foundations Health Solutions nursing home. He works alongside a variety of departments to ensure Foundations Health is excelling in the vision of founder Brian Colleran's "Culture of Care." Foundations Health continues to practice the principles nursing home developer Brian Colleran instilled, such as resident and family satisfaction, positive employee culture, and investment in the community.

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